Thursday, 24 September 2009

Slow 'everything' day

Second of three days ringing 'the rough', before spending the weekend in NW Norfolk. Routine was the same as yesterday - but without the feeder net. The start temp. was 6C and had only climbed to 7C by 9 o'clock. There was a very heavy dew that lasted a long time. The sun shone in a clear sky throughout and by midday the temp was 18C.

12 birds, 6 new, 6 "old friends". The newbies were: a 3F Goldc, 2x 3F Reewa & 3x 3M Chiff. The retraps were juv Treec & Sonth, a Robin & male Blabi from '08 (3's) and 2 Greti, one a 3M from '08, the other a J from 2005 (a big [80 wl] male).

A Blaca was present but didn't show, a poss (silent) Siski flyover and a small flock of 6-7 Lotti. A very quiet day compared to yesterday.

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