Saturday, 19 September 2009

More Chiffs - Sat 19th @ Priory

For the second day running we had the nets up in the Rough. This time Ed accompanied me. We used the CES configuration.
A really good tally with 47 birds, including 19 re-traps, all different from yesterday, and 14 adults compared to 6 yesterday. Fewer species today with just 11, although we did finish earlier (i.e. before the Gold- and Green-finches get about).

It was cloudy from start to finish (noon) and the sun came out with clear blue skies as we packed up. The 'species list' consisted of: Wren 1 (1), Dunno 1 (2), Robin 3 (1), Blabi (3), Blaca 3 (2), Chiff 9 (1), Lotti (3), Bluti 5 (3), Greti 4 (1), Chaff 1, Bullf 1 (2). We didn't put a net up by the feeders; that can wait 'til next week sometime.

15 Chiffs (and a retrap female we first caught on 2nd April) over 2 days was brilliant for us. These "dickies" had been piling up on site during the windy weather - but most cleared out on Thurs/Fri night, before we could get the nets up in any reasonable sort of conditions (beware the 'thorn, bramble & dog rose). Some had evidently come in overnight (Fri/Sat) as it was obvious on inspection that they had spent most of their fat deposits. The 5 Blackcaps were a mixed bunch,too.

Well, that's 72 more birds on the year's totals; let's hope it goes on for a little longer before the summer migrants all disappear. Of the 30 retraps, the following were notable: couple of Bullfinches from '07, Blackbirds from '03, '05 & '07, a Blackcap (m) from '07, 2 Lottis from summer '07 and an '07 Dunnock. Aerial activity today was cut short by 4 "quacking" Gadwall that couldn't make their mind up (10 altogether - per DK).

Nearly forgot. Another close encounter with 'Reynard' as he mouched about in the brambles. Also a Jay from the new meadow (now cut and baled) to Fingers. The first of the high-flying Blackbirds was seen.

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