Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Chalton STW Management

After my last posting,'sending in the girls' I thought I'd bring you up to date with current developments. Well, I like to think of them as
The Three Muckateers. They have done a splendid job. Maureen and myself went over again and removed some more of the debris pulled creating a bigger area of muddy gunge. We were told that it wasn't very deep, about knee depth. Well, Toni kindly obliged by missing her footing and, sure enough, it was about knee deep as we were told. Now, it's quite possible to go through it with waders. So much better.
The part finished scrape which has already been used by moorhen and grey heron. What next - Egret perhaps!

I was also joined by Kieran and between us we managed to trim up the rides and also create the feeding station area to the east of the site. Ground feed has been put in to the site but, we are awaiting poles to erect hanging feeders of seed and nuts. Here's hoping for a good winter haul. If there are any would be workers out there, we do have alot to do in respect to more typha pulling and also the placement of a metal grid over one of the ditches so as we can get the ride on over it as well as the erection of the new ringing hut when everything is sorted and in place. If you wish to volunteer please contact me direct.

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