Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Chalton 21st Sept

Graham & Martin worked the site in the morning - with a grand finale!
The "tape" was put on for Mipits as passage was ocurring.

The days tally was as follows (50 new/6 retraps):
Merli 1/0, Meapi 28/0,
Wren 3/2, Dunno 2/1, Robin 1/0,
Blabi 2/0, Sonth 1/0, Cetwa 0/1,
Blaca 6/0, Chiff 1/0, Lotti 0/1,
Greti 3/0, Goldf 1/0, Bullf 2/1.

The Merlin, a first for the group and a Beds county 'tick' as well, came onto the Mipit tape and "got stuck" in the bottom shelf of the net 'triangle'. On size, it was most likely of the Icelandic sub-species, F.c.subaesalom. (per PJW)

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