Saturday, 27 September 2008

Feeding Station 27-09

Returned for more punishment! The fog was denser and lasted longer this morning compared to yesterday. Birds did not come to the feeder for some time - and, what's more, they could see the net against the foggy background. We still did OK; 24 birds of 12 spp
(3 ad/11 imm/10 r-t's) as follows:

Wren 0/0/1, Robin 1/0/2, Blabi 0/1/0,
Sonth 0/0/1, Leswh 0/1/0, Blaca 0/1/0,
Bluti 0/0/2, Greti 1/0/2, Chaff 0/1/0,
Grefi 0/1/1, Goldf 1/6/0, Bullf 0/0/1.

Unlike yesterday, the Blackcap was a 3F.
The best bird was last of all! - a 3 Leswh.
Well worth waiting for!

Not the best of photos, I'm afraid.
The bird was (re)growing its tail.

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