Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Last CES - 3rd Sept

The last visit to the Rough under CES conditions did nothing for the ego!
Just 15 birds! ... and 5 of those were in extra nets!

Tally for the day was (ad/juv/retrap, as usual) -
Robin - 0/0/1, an adult (7M) in new plum
Blabi - 0/1/2, all male juvs in various stages of PJ
Sonth - 0/2/0, another 2 youngsters fresh out into the world
Reewa - 0/3/0, 3 more "PJ's"(1 was very J'ey although showing PJ)
Leswh - 1/0/0, a bright adult, poss. female; fat 25
Blaca - 0/3/0, a 3JM, a 3M & a 3F, all PJ, fat 20, M2
Wilwa - 1/0/0, a small 4F with little or no fat
Lotti - 0/0/1, a last year's (?) male

At least it didn't rain!

Above: A cracking Leswh

Below: Some of the outer tail feathers showing a white tip, typical of an adult

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