Monday, 29 September 2008

Ed's Buckton travels

You may have heard already ...

Above: A Red Breasted Flycatcher

Above: A Yellow Browed Warbler

I went to Bucton, near Flamborough to get experience of ringing at a costal migrant site. 2 of the three new species I ringed can be seen above! The third new species was a yellowhammer but the photographs couldn't do it justice, hence their absence.

Twitching (there's a powder for it apparently) was also on the agenda. We saw (along with several hundred tick hunters) a Brown Shrike ... plus 4 or 5 yellow browed warblers, redstart, several barn owls, a marsh harrier, sparrowhawks, a peregrine, a merlin, kestrel, long eared owl (roosting 5 metres from the net), a possible red footed falcon (views not good enough) and a radde's warbler.

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