Sunday, 14 September 2008

Long Hedge - 14th Sept

4 nets (1 didn't catch, ha ha). 13 birds as follows: 3 Blaca, all male, (including 2 r/t - from 2003 as a juv and summer 2004 as a 5M), 3 young Chiff ending PJ, r/t juv Reewa, new 'JJ' Sonth, r/t 3JP Wren, 2 Robin, an adult from spring '06 & a new juv half way thro' its body moult, a new yng 'Prune' and, on the final round, we taped a female Goldc that had a wt. of 5.9!

Blaca H597297 was first ringed as a 3J on 29-06-03 and has held the group's longevity record since July, now standing at 5y.2m.16d. Will have to do the Long Hedge sites next spring now!

Pic of Blackcap by Ed. See the Priory Blog for other interesting birds today.

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