Thursday, 26 March 2009

Barnacles @ Roxton/Willington

Things are moving at last. Some birds are pairing up and visiting potential nest sites, with or without other pairs.

A few birds are already listed as "missing". A count in February had about 344 birds at Willington; the latest combined count only adds up to 280. That's 60+ not staying with the main flock(s).

So far, recent counts at Roxton have varied between 25 & 150 birds. Some birds will go to Zwetsloot's (Blunham) and Gt. Barford.

It would be nice to cannon net the flock in winter and 'darvic' a good proportion. This would enable a better understanding of where they go to on their wanderings. 'Til then, we'll have to settle for ringing a few more birds in July with red colour rings.

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