Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Just a bit of Norfolk

Errol spent the weekend in Norfolk near Castle Rising. On Sunday 1st March he caught this 'new' bird above.

It already had a ring on, which wasn't closed very well; in fact, it looked as if it had been squeezed on by hand and then not closed with the pliers afterwards. Anyhow, the ring number was "9200683 Zoo Bruxelles". Nice one! [Possibly the first Belgian ringed Brambling to Norfolk; there have been at least 8 the other way]

There were several 'continental' (large) adult male Blackbirds around; 20 came out of the Hollies at dusk alltogether, with 8 'high fliers'. A clear night with light winds, good for migration.

And a silent Chiff was poking around in the Camelias for insects!! The male Peregrine from the docks flew over on a dusk raid for fat Blackbirds(?)!!! Mistle Thrushes are very active; so are the Green & Gt.Spot Woodpeckers. Most of the Coal Tits (a speciality) have cleared off for the breeding season. The local squirrels are having a hard time just now - didn't see one on Monday.

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