Saturday, 14 March 2009


Friday 13th - checked out Harrold-Odell for ringing demonstration (net) sites in the reserve bit. Ed Burnett was not around, so couldn't confirm this area or the arrangements for Sunday April 26th. Might also have to do the last of the Cormorant and Heron pulli on the island.

Friday 13th - checked out Bromham LNR for future net sites (need to know where they used to be); looks good for Whitethroats and possibly Gropper. Caught a few birds up the road in the Ranger's garden over coffee and caught 1 of 2 male Yellowhammer.

Saturday 14th - Went to Priory. Ed and I first filled the feeders in the Rough for the last time this winter and cleared the rides of 'grot'. We then looked at what work is needed in the 'long hedge' and where to put to put the nets in April. Also discussed a possible 'whoosh' siting.
Then we had a look at the 'crescent' which will possibly be used for the demonstration in July.

On our walkabout, we saw three Little Egberts on 'lilypads' before they flew off.

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