Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sat 21st March

Back in the Long Hedge plantation (helps to ease pressure on the 'Rough' before the CES season starts) now that the feeding station has come to an end. Frosty start and a very warm, sunny finish.

Errol had cut out an old rack yesterday, which turned up a majority of the birds. Afterwards, Errol & Ed cut out another old rack that always does well post breeding.

Today's tally was 32, 21 new & 11 retraps. Wren 4/0, Dunno 2/0, Blabi 2/1, Redwi 1/0, Lotti 4/4 (see below), Bluti 2/2, Greti 4/2, Blaca 0/1, Bullf 1/1, Chaff 1/0.

The Lotti's were all paired up, with all 4 males ringed and all 4 females unringed, suggesting that they were not 'Priory birds'. When PRO and ECN were ringing at both South Mills and Priory in the 'nineties, they often exchanged Lotti's. South Mills to Priory is 8 km (due west) up the Great Ouse. Unfortunately, South Mills has been out of bounds for a long while; shame, it was a mega site.

The Redwing was a turn-up and the Blackcap was ringed as a 5M in April 2004. Peculiarly, it had a mass of brown (or faded/bleached) feathers in the front of its crown [No pic, unfortunately - first bird processed]. The 6M Chaffinch had a wing of 94mm, well outside our local birds.

Above & Below: Chaffinch with long wing

Below: Bonus picture of the male bullfinch.

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