Wednesday, 11 March 2009

July Ringing

Some dates that have been sorted.

Barnacle Goose Round-up.
This will take place over the weekend of 18-19th July at Roxton (thanks to Simon Bath).
Bods wanted include - canoeists, to push the geese up the lake; helpers, to erect the corral fence and then swing it into position; ringer of all classes, to put BTO and WWT darvics on; a photography anorak, to document the scene.

Ringing Demo at Priory on Wildlife Trust day.
This is booked for Sat 25th July; their thing starts at 11 am but we will probably be up and running by 9 am. The actual site has not been decided; either the 'crescent' or the 'long hedge'.
All the CES visit 9s will have to be done on the following day, Sunday (weather permitting in both cases)

I am still waiting to hear from Stockgrove, Sandy Smith, Bromham Lake, Harrold and Park Wood. E.

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