Tuesday, 3 March 2009

PCP 3rd March

Back of Net 3 - looking north

Looking along Nets 2 & 1

The corner - from Net 2 towards Net 3

The "IRG firemen" at the end of the day

Today, Mike, Errol and David were ably assisted by the Rangers in clearing or reducing the scrub in 'the Rough' along one side of the CES site. We were able to clear away the bramble pushed down by the recent snows as well. Hopefully, this work will enable us to catch more birds this year as well as providing better nest sites for the warblers. Not all the brash was burnt - we left strategically placed piles of brash and some more wood piles too.

We all look forward to the start of the season (our 18th here) at the beginning of May.

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