Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Post extreme gardening

Errol and Mike burnt up most of the brash that was not being left in habitat piles.
One 40' net ran for the morning at the other (main) feeding site; we were working by the subsidiary one.
23 birds of 5 spp. as follows:- Dunno 0/2 (a 4M from 06/03), Lotti 0/1, Bluti 2/9 (2 juvs from the nest boxes), Greti 3/2 (incl. a new pr) & Goldf 4/0.
It was time for the Blutis to take over from their bigger cousins; probably gone off to stake their claim to all the boxes, haha! The Oyk was kleeping again (or should it be - the Kleep was being an oyk?)

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