Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bargo Red B bar P

Thanks to Geoff Williams and Tom Perrins who e-mailed this one through.

It is 18 months since we last heard of this bird and its 2 'chums', that was at Slimbridge, where we think it likes to spend mid-winter tucked away on the New Grounds. Today it turned up in a different vector - Tamworth, Staffordshire - with 2 'chums'.
Are they on their way back "home", I wonder? We'll find out, perhaps, on 18/19th July.

Recapture history for 1295590
Ringed 24-07-2005 Roxton, Beds [TL1554] - near "The Black Cat(s) A1 round-about" [There are now TWO Black Cats on this round-about!]

Sighted (R) 02-04-2007 Coate Water, Swindon (121km SW, 1yr 252days)
Sighted (NR) 25-05-2007 Cassington GP, nr. Oxford (80km WSW, 1yr 305days)
Sighted (R) 02-11-2007 New Grounds, WWT Slimbridge (151km WSW, 2yrs 101days) [was most likely this bird here in winter 2006/07 also]
Sighted (NR) 09-05-2009 Drayton Bassett pits, nr. Tamworth (107km WNW, 3yrs 289days)

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Errol said...

I have just logged a further sighting from Andy Firth at Sandbach Flashes on 16th May; approx 205 km NNW.