Saturday, 30 May 2009

Long Hedge PCP, Harrold & CES V4 - Priory

Three days of early mornings with some slight reward - and a big bill for the car!!

Long Hedge 28/05 - 11 birds, 8 new, 5 juvs, 4 nets, OMO. New adult Wren, Robin, Blackcap; 3 juv Robin, 2 juv Blue Tit; pair of retrap Dunnock & 1 Blackcap (this years female).

Harrold CP 29/05 - even warmer, lots of birds singing, 200', little movement (except for Jason!) 6 new adult birds; 2 Wren, male Blackbird, male Blackcap, pair of Bullfinch. The car "made contact with" post in the down position on way out; nasty noise!

CES 30/05 - with Ed, got the nets up overnight. On driving over the speed bumps (slowly) on Riverfield, heard the same "grinding" noise. Inspection in staff car park revealed major damage underneath! Whoops! [I did hit something hard, twice, lying in the road about 3 weeks ago, but nothing apparent on MOT two days later. Now there's something dislodged and another piece very mangled. £750 ### Ouch!]

21 birds; 2 new adults, 12 new juvs, 5 retraps. Wren 1/0/0, Dunno 0/2/3, Robin 0/7/1 (another juv. but from the Long Hedge), Blabi 1/0/1, Chiff 0/2/1 (a juv), Garwa 0/0/1 ( a female born here in 2007), Chaff 0/1/0. The weather was totally cloudless, warm sunshine > hot by the time we packed up and with very little wind.

We have now caught 18 young Robins here so far this year, from a guesstimate of 6 different broods/nests.

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