Monday, 25 May 2009

Jumping out of the fire

Bank Holiday Monday: early morning stint down at the 'crescent' (Priory) with a couple of nets only. Unfortunately, the rangers coppiced one side AND part of the other, leaving the nets exposed against the sky, whichever way the birds come in or go out.
Having said that, I did fairly well (about average for here, always a tricky job) with 8 birds in all.
Main target were the Reed Warblers with 4 new birds - all 2CY, 50-50 M-F - and a retrap male from '04. It's still early days yet; some of the Reed Warblers are sitting and I have always fared better when the young are being fed in the nest. The problem is that this is often after the fisherman are back, so I have to choose my moment carefully.
Others birds were a juv Robin, a second male Reed Bunting (maybe the one from the reeds the other side of the path) and a fresh, young Kingfisher.

Packed up by 9 0'clock, just as the park was starting to get busy with visitors and dog walkers.
Looks like this afternoons nest box session will have to be called off as thunderstorms expected; we do need the rain, though.

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