Sunday, 24 May 2009

CES V3 - Chalton ... and some pulli

Another glorious, sunny day. I suppose you'd call this 'wet scrub' - 'cos the reeds only fringe the lagoons. Today's team was the "frustrated four"! It was slow going but a good number of Sedges made up for it.

As well as the birds, between us we had - 3 foxes, several rabbits, a muntjac and a large female mink. Butterflies included Orange Tip, Common Blue, Brimstone and one of the many migrating Painted Ladies, looking drab and worn, making its way north. Moths were Treble Lines, Muslin (2), White Ermine, Green Carpet & Poplar Hawk; a cockchafer was also "trapped".

Midday saw 5 C.Buzzards overhead at one time, with one of them a v.white immature bird that peeled off seperately. Around the lagoons were breeding Coot, Tufted and Little Grebe, and later a pair of Shoveler was seen taking to the air whilst we were back at the hut.

By the end we had trapped (new/old) - Dunnock 0/2, Robin 1(juv)/1, Song Thrush 1/0, Sedge 4/4, Reed 7/1, Whitethroat 2/1, Garden W. 1/0, LTT 2(juvs)/0, Greenfinch 1/0, Bullfinch 1/0. In addition we took a tour of the (10) nest boxes and ringed 21 Blue Tit and 7 Gt. Tit pulli in three of them.

Team break!
L to R - Sue (Helper), Graham (A), Errol (Trainer), Jason (T).

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