Sunday, 10 May 2009

CES V2 - Thorns, 10/05

Caterpillars of Pale Brindled Beauty (below) and Winter Moth (Dave Buckingham)

A lovely day for ringing; a bit of a ground frost in places, no wind to speak of, bright and sunny and with the vegetation now all out and freshly bright green.

A small team of 2 then 3 managed to process 51 birds of 18 species, 21 of which were retraps, mainly from last year. All birds were adults except Blackbird.

[new/retrap] Wren 0/1, Dunno 2/6, Robin 1/1, Blabi 1/0, Reewa 1/0, Leswh 4/0, White 3/4, Garwa 3/0, Blaca 2/0, Chiff 1/1, Wilwa 0/1 (5th year/+), Lotti 3/0, Bluti 1/1, Greti 1/0, Chaff 3/1, Grefi 3/0, Bullf 0/2, Yelha 1/0.

Many of the Sylvias had reasonable fat scores, suggesting they must still be passing through.

Bingo! Maybe the site is returning to its old glory?

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