Monday, 11 May 2009

CES V2 - Priory 11/05

The first juv of the season

A very windy day compared to yesterday; on the limit for mist-netting passerines. All birds were caught in the bottom two panels, needless to say.

New ad/juv/retrap - Wren 1/-/-, Dunno -/1/2, Robin-/4/-, Blabi -/1/-, Sonth -/1/-, Reewa 1/-/-, Garwa 1/-/1, Chiff 1/-/-, Bullf 1/-/1; 17 birds in all.
You have to remember that this site is run with only 240' of net, all in a (kinked) row.Despite this, it can be a very productive site. On ocassion, we put up an extra net to target birds using the 'bramble patch', usually when the juveniles are on the wing.

The "grey-necked" warbler
[S.borin male]

The 2 retrap Dunno were from Nov'05 & June'03, the new (female) Garwa carried fat3 and bp1 so was most likely fresh in (or stopping over) and the Bullies were a pair of 'teenagers' (incidentally, he had no PJ ogc's, but of known age.)

The "teenagers"

Other birds - Hobby, 15+ Swifts early, plus a party of 9 'screamers' mid-morning, and the Swans on the main lake hatched off 6 cygnets (yesterday?) while 'she of Fingers' is still sitting, ignoring 'himself' chasing the Canadas.

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