Saturday, 2 May 2009

CES V1 - Priory

Song Thrush - adult (6) female

2nd May - a fine, sunny day with little wind (NW) saw a total catch of 12 new adults and 5 retraps from '08; Dunno 0/2, Blabi 2/0, Sonth 1/0, White 2/1, Blaca 4/0, Wilwa 1/0, Bluti 0/1, Greti 1/0 & Bullf 1/1.
The average total catch over 12 visits stands at 320, so todays catch equates to a 64% result. However, the average number of NFY adults per year is 130, and most of these are caught in the first 6 visits (round about 22 per visit would be fair going). Perhaps we had an 80% success ratio or better this morning?

The new male Whitethroats - 6 on the L, 5 on the R

The retrap Whitethroat was a 6F and was carrying F3 & bp1. so probably fresh in. The Blackcaps were evenly split on sex, with one of the females being very 'eggy'. The bullfinches were a pair.
There was a dearth of Robin, Wren & Chiffy song today, with just a little from the Dunnocks. The main songsters were Blackcap and the Garden Warblers which arrived during the week.

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