Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bits and pieces

A quick run down of what's been happening lately.
The hide at Chalton has been vandalised again, this time mercilessly. AW decided to remove it and we (Graham) asked for the main supports so that we could bridge part of the old lagoons. When he went on Sunday, there was a pile of panels from the old hide - but no uprights, no door, no windows, no nothing - except an unlit bonfire!!
He did catch 2 Wrens. A 'pwuik' sound from the U-pond suggested that the LBJs were back in town.
On Monday, Errol went to the new Sandy Smith reserve for a look see. A pair of Red Kite were hunting over the site, where Sky Larks and Mipits were displaying. There was also a Stonechat and a pair of Reed Buntings. The fields had been cut and will be sprayed for Ragwort before the eastern one gets its sheep and the western one goes down to natural regen. There was a Siskin in the alders.
The fine weather has curtailed activities because of the strong winds. However, dawn sessions in the garden have picked off 3 r/t Goldfinch, one of which was a 3JF from 2005, 3 new Greenfinch, a new female Dunnock and a female House Sparrow, plus half a dozen mixed retraps. Unfortunately, the HS use the narrow front garden to get to a neighbours feeders in preference to EN's, so they are a bit of a bonus bird as there's no chance out front of setting a net or trap.
At present, there is very little background at most sites for nets but many of the bushes are now starting to turn green. We anticipate catching over Easter - except that we're expecting poor weather.
The first Whitethroat was seen this morning - so we're hopeful - and it won't be long now 'til the Reed Warblers are here too.

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atgrims said...

Interesting record of the Willow Warbler on spring re-orientation
Happy Easter to you in Bedford from us at Utsira.
Photos from ringing station: http://picasaweb.google.com/atgrims/Merkeskogen#slideshow.