Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bromham Lake LNR

Tues - Had another go at the same end of the site. 12 new birds this time.
3 male Robin (1x 5 & 2x 6's), 1 Dunno male, a pair of Lotti ( a B3 for her but no nest search today), a pair of Bluti (she a 5 and probably in egg, by her weight), a male Blaca, 2 male Chiff and our first new White of the season (see pic of the 5M, above)

One of the Robins, a 6, had lost all 3 anterior claws on the left leg (see pic)

We always love the colour of Chiffies' feet.

Here's the first bird of the day.

A Wilwa was singing by net 1, but never descended to our level. Will try again next week.

A wishful Comte (no raft this year) sat on the overhead wires for a 'buzz'.

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