Saturday, 18 April 2009

Long Hedge (E) - 18th April

Male Chiff - wing 62, e6, wp4, 2=7-8 - the half eye-ring showing better in a photo. A little bedraggled at this time of year.

Out alone, set 4 nets (eventually) in the tallest coppice because of the strength and direction of the wing (NE, increasing >F4).
Nevertheless, caught 8/12 (new/old) - Wren 1/0, Dunno 2/2, Blabi 0/1, Blaca 1 F/3 M, Chiff 3/0, Bluti 0/1, Greti 0/2, Chaff 0/2, Bullf 1/0.
Best bird of the day was a female Chaff caught as a 5 in April 2004 but not 'seen' since (now =1819 days); the male was a bird we caught last month as a 6.
Next best were the Blaca's - first a new female aged 6, then 'old hands' from April 2004 when a 5M (now = 1840 days), a 3J from June '06 and a 5M from June '07.
New Chiff's were 1 male & 2 females, one of which was in egg (as was the female Bluti). The male retrap Bluti (2007 bird) was virtually bald, with no feathers on the back of its head.
Oyk and Siskin over plus a Robin feeding young that was impossible to get to!
The cowslips are probably at their best at the moment.

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