Sunday, 19 April 2009

Chalton 19/04

Graham & co made a pre season visit to the proposed CES part of the site. Not a lot of birds caught as the wind was whipping over the emerging reed beds - which normally cut the wind when they have grown.
Six new birds and three retraps as follows: Sedwa 2/1, White 0/1, Blaca 1/1, Chiff 1/0 Greti 2/0.
The Sedge was a 3J in June '07, the 'throat was a 5M in May '06, the 'cap was a 4M on the same day. All three were re-trapped here last year.
With warm weather forecast this week, things should pick up - especially as the first Nightingales and Hobbies have been seen locally.

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