Tuesday, 14 April 2009


A dismal attempt was made on the 12 April at this site but, though damp, we managed to catch a whole 9 birds. They consisted of a retrap Greti ringed in November '06 and 4 new birds -
Wren 1, Bluti 1 and a pair of (newly-wed) Marti. Not too bad I guess.


Steve Blain said...

Hi Graham,

Is 'Wilti' Willow Tit? These could be the only confirmed records of Willow Tit in Beds in the last five or so years if they are! Any images of them please?



Errol said...

The last Willow Tits recorded in the county were in January 2006 at Eversholt.

Steve Blain said...

However, I don't think we received a description for the 2006 record...

They are now exceptionally rare birds - extinct as breeding birds in Cambs, Bucks, and Beds.