Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Priory:crescent - 29th April

Early doors. Not a bad morning for the time of year, but completely different from that anticipated. The fog thinned slowly and dissipated about 08:30.

The reed bed is much reduced at present as the rangers cut the 'dry end', perhaps 40mx25m remains. The cut phragmites is beginning to sprout plus a few goat willows. There is still a lot of water on, too. Four Reed Warblers were singing, a Moorhen had 2-3 small chicks and a Wood Mouse was out eating cow parsley heads and taking the side shoots back for 'elevenses'.

Today's total was 4 new and 7 retraps: Wren 1F/-, Dunno -/1M, Robin -/1M, Blabi 1F/1M, Reewa -/1(M), Blaca -/1M, Treec -/1M, Chaff 1M/-, Reebu 1M/1F. The Reed Bunting (above) was ringed as a breeding bird in early July, here in 2007. The Reed Warbler was caught as a breeding adult in '07 and '08, and the Blackbird was ringed as a 3JM in the 'rough' at the beginning of October 2007.

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