Saturday, 25 April 2009

Long Hedge (W) - 25th April

Less windy and more cloud about. Struggled out on my own. Good job I'd put the Etesia through the plantation 2 days ago - the coppice and herb layer are galloping away (cleared 18 months ago). The cowslips have really got away with more light reaching the floor.

19 birds of 8 spp. in all, 13 of them new and just the 6 re-traps.

Dunno 3/0, Blabi 1/1, Sonth 3/0, Blaca 2/1, Wilwa 2/0, Bluti 0/2, Chaff 1/0, Bullf 1/2

We've now caught 5 of the possible 7 male Blackcaps in this block, and the female is the first of the year. She was not an easy bird and ended up as a '4bracket5'. The photo' shows it much better than when viewed in the hand!

I also caught our first Willies of the year, one either side of the net - since they were singing against one another! Remove one and catch the other (both new birds).

The first Swifts of the year passed over this morning.

There was also a noisy pair of House Sparrows in the very old Blackthorn thicket by the gate.

The CES season must be nearly upon us - the mozzies were out ... and biting!!!

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