Thursday, 23 April 2009

Meadow Lane, Willington pits - 23/04

First visit of the year (with DTH) to this belt of elderberry and nettle alongside the cycle track [NR51]. The dragonfly pit to the north is now landscaped (Smartie hotel now no longer in existence) and tree-ed up between it and the path. South of the bushes, the field is now covered in dead nettle and rank grass.

Birds caught (2 nets in 2 hours) = 7 new + 3 r/t; Wren 1M/1M, Robin 0/1M, Lotti 1M/1F, White 1M+1F/0, Blaca 2M+1F/0. The 2 retraps were all from each of last year's 2 visits; Wren when a 5 in May, & Robin as a 3 in Sept. The Lotti was a 4Fb at the'spit', Priory (ca. 1.5km away to the SE) in late March '08

Perhaps this site will come into its own when its surroundings are a little more mature. At present, sun and wind limit catching opportunities in this part of the river valley.
There is a pair of Redsh and a pair of Lapwi displaying nearby.

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